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Have a workplace
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I'm Nora Burns, your host & guide on this adventure. 

Welcome to Stories From the Break Room, where you get to ethically eavesdrop on what employees are saying in break rooms across the country.

Join your host, Nora Burns, an expert in workplace dynamics known for her research as The Undercover Candidate™ and The Undercover Employee™.

Through tales shared by workers nationwide, we will navigate real, relatable, and sometimes shocking experiences from the American workforce.

Nora bridges the gap between the boardroom and the breakroom, shedding light on what truly transpires behind closed doors.

Buckle up for insights into workplace culture and navigating the modern work landscape, and stay tuned to hear expert advice on leading in today's workplace.

Welcome to Stories From the Break Room.

I'm always looking to connect with employees across the United States who are willing to share their stories.  Let's connect.

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