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Nora Burns - Podcast Guest
Workplace Culture Wit & Wisdom


Nora’s primary proprietary research as The Undercover Candidate™ and The Undercover Employee™ is foundational in her work guiding organizations in re-imagining the candidate and employee experiences and reconnecting the broken relationship between the boardroom and the break room.

As The Undercover Candidate™ Nora participated in over 250+ job interviews (incognito), across the country for a wide variety of positions including manufacturing, forklift operator, surgical scheduler, payroll clerk, underwriter, crew lead, director of operations, director of accounting, housekeeping staff, and many more.


As The Undercover Employee™ Nora worked for fifteen months on the front lines of five Fortune 500 organizations in customer-facing roles. These organizations did not know her as a former Fortune 200 leader, but rather, knew her as one of many polyester-uniform-wearing front-line employees.

A keynote speaker, researcher, and consultant, Nora is leading the way in reinvigorating workplace culture by re- connecting the boardroom and the breakroom.

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Your Podcast Here!

Potential Questions

The Undercover Candidate™  

  • What motivated you to go on over 250 job interviews? What was the initial inspiration for this research?

  • How did you protect your anonymity while you conducted this research?

  • Did you observe variations in candidate response and evaluation based on demographic variables?

  • What were you most surprised by over the course of this research?

  • What are your plans for sharing the results of your research to a broader audience?

  • What advice would you give to <hiring managers, job candidates, organizational leaders> to help them with the hiring

    process based on your extensive research and experience?

  • Have you considered continuing this research or exploring other aspects of the employee experience in the future?

Potential Questions

The Undercover Employee™

  • What motivated you to work undercover on the front lines of organizations?

  • What rules and parameters did you give yourself for this research project?

  • What were you most shocked or surprised by when working front-line jobs after being in a leadership role for so long?

  • What intrigued you the most about onboarding processes at the organizations you worked with?

  • As a former Fortune 200 leader, what differences did you observe between how those on executive row are treated by

    comparison to the uniform-wearing front-line employees?

  • What one element could most employers implement this week to enhance the new employee experience?

  • What impact has this research had on your perspectives related to leadership and corporate culture?

  • Based on your extensive experience, what advice would you give to front line managers to help them [reduce turnover,

    develop employee loyalty, build a stronger team]?

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