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Get to know Nora...

Nora Burns is the founder and Chief Curiosity Officer of The Leadership Experts. 


Having led teams of two to two hundred, she knows leadership and its profound impact on workplace culture.


As a former Fortune 200 executive, she has navigated the complex shifting terrain of multi-site workplace dynamics and juggled the needs and dynamics of blue, white, and pink-collar employees.  While on staff with a Big Six accounting firm (before the "Big Six" became the "Final Four") she guided ex-pats on their journey of cultural understanding through Services to Executives Abroad. 


As the highest-ranking woman within a male-dominated industry, she led an organization from being on the verge of union organization to utilizing an employee team-based approach to hiring, capital investments, and development opportunity guides.  She has the experience and the innovative mindset to partner with your team to usher the organization to a healthier and more functional workplace culture to attract and retain the right talent.  

Nora has helped organizations reimagine their recruiting, hiring, and retention strategies as the building blocks for workplace culture for decades.  Along the way, she realized that she herself had not been on a job interview in over a decade.  It had been much longer than that since she worked on the front lines of an organization.  She has been a supervisor, manager, director, executive, and owner since she was in her early twenties. 

The Undercover Project™ is Born


Given the high value she places on understanding and shifting perspectives, she decided it was time to do something about the lack of recent insight into the lives of candidates and frontline employees.  And thus, The Undercover Project™ was born. 


The project involved independent, innovative, and proprietary research into the hiring and employment practices.  She took an an inside-out look at what organizations are doing exceptionally well, and where the most significant opportunities are for improvement.


This was no small feat; for The Undercover Project™ Nora went on over 250 interviews across the country, and invested fifteen months working on the front lines of Fortune 500 organizations.  These organizations did not know her as a former executive and expert in leadership and workplace culture. 


Nora Helps You Connect the Dots - Contact Her Today


Frontline employees may not be speaking candidly with their managers about why they stay and why they go,  what works, and what doesn't, but they will tell colleagues.  They confided in Nora and continue to do so today.

Nora knows leadership and its profound impact on workplace culture, not only as a former HR executive but from Undercover research on the frontlines creating & executing The Undercover Project™.


She understands the boardroom and the breakroom.  Let her help you connect the dots between the two. Contact her today.

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Nora Burns

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Workplace culture begins at the very first point of contact between an employer and a potential employee.

Nora Burns

Our Mission

The Leadership Experts

Let's talk about how we can best assist you.  Each package is designed specifically with the client in mind.  Perhaps you're looking for a keynote and breakout combination, or a training and consulting package.  Each client has unique needs and thus a unique partnership and plan.

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Considerations for
Top Tier Clients

We prioritize working with organizations that are committed to truthful reviews and revelations of their cultural touchpoints and processes.


Early on we will ask you what is off the table - which aspects of your recruiting, hiring, orientation, onboarding, and employee experiences are non-touchable?  What are you unwilling to revise, retool, reimagine or remove?  Knowing what these are at the very start of our working relationship will help pave a path for success all around.  

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