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Interviews As
The Undercover Candidate


Months working on the front lines as The Undercover Employee™

Nora has the data, insight and unique perspective you've been looking for.

Beyond The Keynote

Nora works with organizations across the country that want to reduce employee turnover by connecting the boardroom to the breakroom and developing stronger managers who will be more effective in their roles.


As The Undercover Project™ leader, Nora has a unique understanding of life behind the counter and behind the scenes.  


As a former Fortune 500 executive, she understands the complex world of a corporate boardroom. 


This combination, coupled with her innovative solutions, sets your organization up for success as she partners with your internal teams to transition your workforce.

What Is Your Vision For Workplace Culture?

Imagine you're sitting at a booth in a restaurant.  You can overhear the patrons at the next booth.  They cannot see you, you cannot see them.  You realize by the conversation they are having that they work at the same organization where you are in a leadership position.  Then you hear, "you know what I love about working at XYZ?"


What are you hoping they will say? 

What do you fear they will say?

What would your direct reports say?

Are you drawing a blank?

Are you simply guessing?

Workplace culture will be developed whether you are paying attention to it or not.  Let's work to ensure the story is one you want to hear.

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