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Our Work

How do we help organizations create a workplace culture that attracts and retains the right people?  We're so glad you asked!  We offer an array of solutions to meet your unique needs.  In addition to Nora's high-energy, engaging and content-rich keynotes, we offer training, retreats, coaching, and consulting.  Not every organization needs the same mix, so let's create the right solution for your unique scenario.  


In-Person, Virtual, or Hybrid Events

Looking for an insightful, motivating, and clever Keynote Speaker for your upcoming event or conference?  Nora Burns delivers with a trifecta of original research, exceptional storytelling, and a knack for adding humor in just the right places.  Nora is The Undercover Speaker with executive and frontline perspectives to bridge the gap between the boardroom and the break room. 

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Leadership & Team Retreats

From annual retreats to special team events, we provide an opportunity to reset, restart, and reignite your group.

Sometimes the best next step is to circle up and work together off-site  There is no one size fits all when it comes to a leadership or team retreat.  With our pre-event survey and consult calls,  we get to know your organization and current unique needs. We go beyond the basics to understand and build goals, energy, and experiences.  

Nora has facilitated retreats with Fortune 200 organizations, startups, nonprofits, volunteer boards for associations, and more!  With experience in retail, hospitality, agriculture, mining, banking, financial services, government, and more, she is well equipped to guide your retreats.

PS. Just say no to trust falls. 

Coaching & Consulting

When you need to focus on your specific goals and challenges.

Knowing key trends, data, and insights from The Undercover Project™ will put you, the leadership team, and the organization as a whole in a much better position to strengthen workplace culture.  But what are YOUR stats?  What do candidates, customers, and employees experience within your organization?  If you're willing to look behind the curtain, we are here to work with you to uncover the truth and build strategic and tactical plans for growth.   

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Workshops, Breakouts, & Training

Call them what you will - we love a powerful and fun interactive learning lab!

Want to dive a bit deeper into leadership and workplace culture?  Let's roll up our sleeves and work together for two to four hours tackling the topics of hiring, retention, respect, and leadership.  With Nora's background as an HR practitioner, Fortune 200 executive, and her proprietary research for The Undercover Project™ she has content and stories to make your deep dive sessions come alive!

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