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Interviews As The Undercover Candidate™

Nora Burns
Founder of The Leadership Experts

Content-Rich, Engaging & Humor-Forward

The Undercover Project™

You Haven't Experienced An

Employee Survey Like THIS.

Emcee & Content Weaver

Access the data you want
and the stories
your team needs to hear.

Looking for practical insights that enhance your candidate, employee, and leadership experiences?  Having done primary research as The Undercover Candidate™ and The Undercover Employee™, Nora Burns presents a unique combination of perspectives to your audience. 


She combines her extensive experience as a manager, director, and executive with her findings from The Undercover Project to present an engaging and entertaining session.  With Nora as your event speaker, you get the trifecta of content, engagement, and entertainment!

Nora Burns is  a humor-forward keynote speaker for associations and corporations
Nora Burns, Workplace Culture Keynote Speaker
Nora Burns, Keynote Speaker, Employee Retention
Nora Burns - Keynote Speaker & Award Winning Storyteller.jpg
Nora Burns, Keynote Speaker and Amateure Stand-Up Comedian

Get Meaningful Data Wrapped in Story and Laughter


The original Undercover Speaker™, Nora brings innovative and creative energy to your event - energy that sparked the idea of a years-long undercover research project. 


Sitting in the breakroom alongside frontline employees, she had a front-row seat to their raves and rants.  She has collected and analyzed data, gathered and refined stories; tracked the trends, and bundled key insights and wisdom into an engaging and meaningful presentation for you and your team. 

When you're seeking meaningful data for your organization, wrapped in story and laughter, contact Nora Burns, The Undercover Speaker™.  Laughing while learning anchors the information so that action can be taken.  Contact us to book Nora today.  

The formation of workplace culture begins much earlier than most Leaders appreciate.  Your organization's "probation period" is much shorter than that of your new hire.

Nora Burns

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